Fiber 101

Fiber is essential to many of your body's core functions, such as your digestive system and immune system. Without adequate levels, your body would not be able to function properly.

Most people only eat 50% of the recommended fiber intake per day, and only 5% of Americans get the recommended amount of fiber
Fiber is essential for your overall health and wellbeing, and increasing your intake will help you take advantage of the health benefits it can provide. A consumer survey showed that people are aware of the benefits of fiber and most people believe they get enough. However, most people do not meet the recommendations of 25 grams of fiber daily, and only 5% of the population actually meet the recommended amount! Below we identify some of the top reasons adding fiber is important to your diet, but first let’s discuss the difference between soluble and insoluble fiber:
Insoluble fibers: don’t dissolve in water and it passes through your body without being digested. Instead, it attracts water to your stool and bulks it up, making your bowel movements easier and more regular. Most laxatives are primarily insoluble fiber. Soluble fibers: dissolve in water. Most soluble fibers are not able to be digested by your intestines, instead they provide food to your healthy gut bacteria along with providing various other benefits. NutraStat is a combination of insoluble and soluble fiber.


NutraStat naturally contains both soluble and insoluble fiber. The result is a balanced fiber supplement with various prebiotic benefits, a convenient regulatory effect, and helps to reduce your risk of chronic diseases. 

 Health Benefits Associated with Increased Fiber Intake:

The Prebiotic Benefit: Fiber Feeds the Beneficial Bacteria in your Gut 

Fiber provides a variety of health benefits, but most importantly, our body needs fiber because it acts as a prebiotic.  Your gut is made up of millions of healthy bacteria (called your gut florathat help you digest food, create various enzymes and hormones, and helps you fend off viruses and disease. 

Your gut flora combines together to create your microbiome, which is the essential ecosystem of bacteria in your gut.  You can learn more about the gut microbiome from this great healthine article.  

Beta-glucan has been linked with numerous prebiotic benefits that improve the overall health of your gut microbiome.  Not only is having a healthy gut microbiome essential for your health it can also have an impact on your overall mood and happiness due to the gut-brain connection. 

You can learn more about the connection between a healthy gut and your brain here. 

The Cholesterol Lowering Effect 

Fiber, most notably barley beta-glucan (the soluble fiber found in barley grains) has been extensively proven to naturally lower LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, and triglycerides. 

This is not true for all fibers; some are better than others. Beta-glucan, in comparison to psyllium, is twice as effective at lowering cholesterol, making it a viable option for anyone who is looking to: 

  • Prevent high cholesterol from developing 
  • Reduce existing high cholesterol for individuals not on cholesterol lowering medications 
  • Can help to reduce your dependence on cholesterol lowering medications (always consult with your physician before dropping medications!) 


Unfortunately, approximately a third of North Americans will be diagnosed with high cholesterol at some point in their lives (CDC).

You can mitigate your risk by maintaining healthy cholesterol levels throughout your life. 

 High levels of cholesterol are directly associated with increased risks of developing heart disease, heart attack, and stroke, one of the top causes of death in North America.

Helps to Moderate Blood Glucose Levels 

Soluble fiber and barley beta-glucan have been proven to help regulate blood sugar levels between meals.  This helps to prevent fluctuations in energy and focus that is caused from rapid absorption of glucose into the bloodstream after eating. Soluble fiber creates a gel-like coating on the intestines that slows absorption of glucose. 

Diabetes is on the rise in North America and evidence suggests that an increase in soluble fiber consumption can help mitigate the risk of an individual developing type 2 diabetes. 

Increases Satiety and Assists with Weight Management 

Soluble fiber increases satiety, the sensation of feeling fuller for longer.  Many individuals find this makes it easier to decrease the overall number of calories they are consuming to help control your weight. 

How to Increase your Fiber Intake

While the best way to get fiber is through eating a healthy diet with lots of fiber rich foods, the reality is many of us have a hard time fitting it all in. 

That’s why we are making it so easy to add fiber into your diet through NutraStat.  Not only is it a great fiber in general, helping to feed those friendly bacteria in your gut, but it’s the best supplement available achieving the various health benefits associated with increased soluble fiber intake. 

Try it today, NutraStat is available for single purchases or an auto-replenishment option. Our auto-replenishment program allows you to receive monthly or bi-weekly deliveries of fiber, ensuring you never miss a day of this critical component of your diet. 

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