The Power of Barley Unleashed

Barley beta-glucan is a type of soluble fibre found in the cell walls of barley grains. It's an excellent source of fibre and has been linked with numerous health benefits that is now accepted by Health Canada and the US FDA. Currently, NutraStat is the only barley beta-glucan fibre supplement available in North America.

Undisputed Health Benefits

Researchers have linked the daily consumption of barley beta-glucan to several health benefits.  Most notably, it is accepted by Health Canada, the US FDA, and healthcare professionals for: 


    Barley beta-glucan enhances the performance of beneficial bacteria in your gut, improves regularity, and controls appetite by moderating hunger fullness and satiety.

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    Barley beta-glucan has been clinically proven to naturally lower both LDL and total cholesterol levels. It is over twice as effective at lowering cholesterol than pysllium husk.

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    Barley beta-glucan can help reduce blood glucose spikes after meals - an excellent option for athletes, diabetics, and anyone seeking more consistent blood glucose levels.

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  • NutraStat is versatile and can easily be added to your favorite foods including smoothies, juice, soups, sauces, and baking.

Upgrade from Psyllium

Both psyllium and beta-glucan are types of soluble fibre supplements, however beta-glucan has stronger and more diverse health benefits.

NutraStat Major Psyllium Brands
Active Ingredient Beta-Glucan Fibre Psyllium Husk
Source Barley Plantago ovata
Extraction Method Natural air extraction Water extraction using chemicals
Natural? Yes No
Amount required to lower cholesterol 3g per day* 7g per day
Associated Risks None Esophageal obstruction, bezoars, adenomas, allergic reaction
Additives None Artifical colours, sweeteners, and flavours
Blood Sugar Control 4g per day No
100% Canadian Made Yes No

*one serving of NutraStat provides the required 3g of beta-glucan to naturally lower cholesterol

Source and Extraction

Barley provides the highest yeilds of beta-glucan. NutraStat is made from exclusively non-GMO Canadian grown barley grain.

Recently developed technology allows for the extraction of beta-glucan fibre from barley grains using an environmentally friendly air extraction technique. Our company, Sunny Boy Foods, uses this novel extraction method to produce NutraStat. Notably, we don't use any additives, chemicals, or solvents at any point – meaning you can feel confident consuming NutraStat daily.

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Add to Anything

Unlike psyllium, NutraStat barley beta-glucan fibre powder is neutral tasting and can easily be disolved into water and other beverages, or added/sprinkled on top of your favorite foods. This makes it increadibly versitile and easy to incorporate into your family's diet.

How to Use