Barley beta-glucan is a type of water-soluble fiber found in the cell walls of barley grains.  Like psyllium, beta-glucan is an excellent source of fiber and has been linked with numerous health benefits that is now accepted by Health Canada and the US FDA.  Currently, NutraStat is the only barley beta-glucan fiber supplement available in North America. 


The Health Benefits 

Researchers have linked the daily consumption of beta-glucan to several health benefits.  Most notably, it is accepted by Health Canada and the US FDA to: 

Helps support and maintain a healthy digestive system

Helps support a healthy (postprandial) glucose metabolism (within 2 hours of a meal) 

Helps lower (LDL) cholesterol (which is one risk factor for coronary heart disease)


Additionally, NutraStat and beta-glucan are a high source of fiber for the maintenance of good health. 

* Source: Health Canada 


Sources and Extraction Methods 

Beta-glucan naturally occurs in the cell walls of barley and oats, with barley providing the highest yield. You may have heard of the health and nutritional benefits whole grain barley can provide - this is largely due to its high concentration of beta-glucan. 

Recent technology developed at the University of Alberta allows for the extraction and concentration of beta-glucan from barley grains using an environmentally friendly air extraction technique. Our company, Sunny Boy Foods, uses this novel extraction method to produce NutraStat from exclusively non-GMO Canadian barley. Notably, our extraction process does not use any additives, chemicals, or solvents at any time – meaning you can feel confident consuming NutraStat daily.


Why Beta-Glucan is Better Than Psyllium 

Beta-Glucan and Psyllium are similar and come from the same family of water-soluble fibers.  Beta-glucan has been proven to provide greater health benefits than psyllium and has no known risks to consumption (unlike psyllium).  Additionally, our supplement NutraStat is grown and produced in Canada using a completely natural process without the use of chemicals and enzymes.