Real Fiber: Made Simple

Photo of wheat captioned a fiber supplement should be as natural as possible. That's why NutraStat contains a single ingredient: real barley beta-glucan fiber

Many name brand fiber supplements are actually not naturally occurring. Fibers such as “wheat dextrin”, are actually starches that have been chemically treated to become resistant to digestion. Furthermore, we do not add any additional ingredients to make our fibers taste or work better.  NutraStat is free from any additives, including: 
NutraStat contains no added sugars or sweeteners
NutraStat contains no added flavouring
NutraStat contains no added artificial compounds

Made Simple 

Barley beta-glucan, the part of the barley grain that provides the maximum health benefits, is carefully separated from the rest of the grain using a patented air process.

This process does not use any chemicals or solvents, unlike many alternative fiber products on the market today. It also therefore does not produce any waste water, and is energy efficient making NutraStat one of the most sustainable fiber supplements produced.

The result is a naturally occurring and extracted barley beta-glucan fiber that you can feel confident adding into your diet on a regular basis. 

Map showing NutraStat is produced in Camrose, Alberta, Canada from 100% non-GMO Canadian barley grains

Beta-Glucan VS. Psyllium Fiber 

We often get asked a lot how our fiber is different from the most commonly consumed fiber supplement: psyllium husk.  In fact, beta-glucan is better for a variety of reasons no matter what your health goals are. To help answer this question, we’ve assembled the following guide: