How to Use NutraStat & Best Practices

Using NutraStat

NutraStat is a soluble fiber that dissolves in water and other liquids.  Its light, neutral taste also allows you the option of mixing NutraStat into your favourite foods such as smoothies, baking, and sauces to make great tasting cholesterol-lowering meals. 

NutraStat can be added to a variety of recipes!

Recommended use: mix 3 tablespoons (13.2 g) of NutraStat into a 250ml glass of cool water, mix vigorously and consume immediately.  Repeat daily. 

Dosage: 3 tablespoons (13.2 g) of NutraStat is the daily required amount to effectively lower your cholesterol and meets the criteria for Health Canada, US FDA, and EFSA health claims. 

Note: new users are recommended to start with 1 tablespoon (4.4 g) of NutraStat per day and gradually increase dosage to 3 (13.2 g) tablespoons per day over the course of 2 weeks.  NutraStat is a soluble fiber and can cause digestive discomfort if introduced into your diet too quickly.  Always consult your physician if you havquestions about adding fiber to your diet. 

Alternative use: 

  • Add NutraStat to your favorite beverages such as juice, smoothies, or almond milk. 
  • Bake NutraStat into cookies, pancakes, or other recipes. 
  • Mix NutraStat into sauces and other meals that allow it to fully dissolve.