Fibre is most commonly known for its ability to help with constipation and regularity;
however, it also plays an essential role in improving and maintaining the health of our gut. Most notably, soluble fibre
such as the beta-glucan found in NutraStat acts as a prebiotic.

Beta-Glucan as a Prebiotic

Barley beta-glucan is a soluble fibre, meaning it dissolves in water and is fermentable (i.e., prebiotic) in your digestive system. Barley beta-glucan acts as a prebiotic by feeding the good bacteria in your gut to help balance your gut microbiome.

There are millions of tiny beneficial bacteria (called the gut flora) in our gut. The gut flora helps digest food, create various enzymes and hormones, and reduces the risk of viruses and disease. These healthly bacteria in our gut forms a small ecosystem in the digestive system called a microbiome.

While probiotics provide diversity and count of bacteria in your gut, prebiotics essentially serve as the food these bacteria need in order to survive, thrive, and grow.
Beta-glucan has been linked with numerous prebiotic benefits that improve the health of your microbiome and overall gut health.
Additionally, researcher have linked a healthy gut to improved mood and happiness due to what's know as the "gut-brain connection".

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Beta-Glucan and Digestion

Barley beta-glucan is a soluble fibre which disolves in water. This helps to bulk and soften your stool to promote healthy regularity.

NutraStat also contains insoluble fibre (left over from the barley during the extraction process) which is non-fermentable/indigestible. This insoluble fibre helps to trap and remove waste in your digestive system, reducing the chances you will experience a gastrointestional gastrointestinal blockage and/or constipation.

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Beta-Glucan for IBS

Individuals with IBS have reported positive results after switching to NutraStat. With a balance of soluble and insoluble fibre, and zero additives, NutraStat is an excellent choice for those with sensitive digestive systems.

Gut-Brain Connection

The brain and gut are more connected than just getting hungry and thinking of what’s to eat. Your brain is directly affected by your gut bacteria, so changing your gut bacteria and what you eat may
improve your brain health.

Stress-related factors, such as being nervous or anxious, may result in a chemical imbalance that can cause gastrointestinal (GI) conditions such as ndigestion, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
and more.

Doctor Recommended

  • NutraStat is recommended by phenomenial physicians and doctors as an option to improve your digestive health and increase daily fibre intake.