Soluble fibre and barley beta-glucan have been proven to help regulate
blood sugar levels between meals. This helps to prevent fluctuations in energy and focus caused by rapid
absorption of glucose into the bloodstream after eating.

The Benefits of Fibre for Blood Sugars

  • Diabetes

    Barley beta-glucan has been proven to help regulate blood sugar levels between meals. Additionally, studies have shown that it could reduce hyperglycemia.

  • Athletic Performance

    Barley beta-glucan acts as a prebiotic and has been linked to improving muscle recovery and energy storage to help you train harder and perform better.

  • Weight Management

    Soluble fibre moves slowly through the stomach, which leaves you feeling fuller for longer, and helps you to consume less calories and control your weight. 

Health Canada Approved

Barley beta-glucan has been extensively researched and approved by health agencies like Health Canada, the FDA, and the EFSA to maintain blood sugar levels. That is why we carefully crafted NutraStat, the most natural fibre health supplement for your overall health.

One in three Canadians are living with diabetes or prediabetes.

Beta-Glucan and Diabetes

Fibre can be your friend if you are living with diabetes or prediabetes.
Along with maintaining your glucose metabolism, fibre can help with weight
management, which also helps with diabetes.

Studies have shown that a high dietary fibre intake has beneficial effects on
metabolic control for type 2 diabetes.

Soluble fibres, like barley beta-glucan, create a gel-like substance in the
intestines. This lining slows the digestion of carbohydrates and sugar,
resulting in a slower and more consistent absorption of sugar into your
bloodstream. A slower, more consistent digestion of glucose will help you avoid
the feeling of “sugar spikes” between meals, and will leave you feeling fuller
for longer, which may help you eat less throughout the day to control your

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Improving Athletic Performance

As an athlete, maintaining consistent energy levels is important to keeping
you healthy and optimized for your performance, but also to level up your

Barley beta-glucan’s ability to regulate blood sugar is unmatched. If you
are consuming it in your pre-workout meal, you can expect to have stabilized energy
during your performance period. The prolonged and stabilized period of glucose
metabolism will also help prevent energy crashes after the workout.

Studies have shown that an increase in dietary
fibre with a supplement, like NutraStat, had increased athletic performance by
8.9% by promoting a healthy gut microbiome, which has been linked to improving
muscle recovery and energy storage.

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Doctor Recommended

NutraStat is recommended by phenomenial physicians and doctors as a great option to improve your digestive health and increase daily fibre intake.

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