NutraStat: A Fibre for Canadians

Most Canadians Don't Get Enough Fibre

Only 5% of Canadians get the recommended daily intake of fibre. Health Canada recommends a daily fibre intake of 28 grams per day for women, and 35 grams for men. 

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Introducing Canada's Super Fibre

  • Gut Health

    Helps support and maintain a healthy digestive system

  • Heart Health

    Helps lower LDL and total cholesterol, a risk factor for heart disease

  • Blood Sugar

    Helps improve glucose metabolism (within two hours after a meal)

  • Natural Fibre

    High source of fibre for the maintence of good health

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  • stem of barley in a field at sunset


    All of our non-GMO barley grains are locally sourced from Alberta and Saskatchewan farmers.

  • Production

    We are family owned and operated in Alberta. We mill our fibre in Camrose and our head office is in Edmonton.

  • Technology

    Our air extraction process was developed and patented in Canada by scientists from the University of Alberta.

  • Company

    We are proud to provide a 100% Canadian made product being owned and operated by Sunny Boy Foods.

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How Is NutraStat Different

Unlike Psyllium and other fibres that are naturally bitter, NutraStat is naturally neutral tasting making it incredibly versatile to use. Because it is naturally neutral tasting, NutraStat doesn't require any additives or sugars to make it palatable. NutraStat barley beta-glucan offers greater health benefits than most other brands.

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NutraStat vs. Major Psyllium Brands

NutraStat Major Psyllium Brands
Active Ingredient Beta-Glucan Fibre Psyllium Husk
Source  Barley Plantago ovata
Extraction Method Natural air extraction Water extraction using chemicals
Natural? Yes No
Amount required to lower cholesterol 3g per day* 7g per day
Associated Risks None Esophageal obstruction, bezoars, adenomas, allergic reaction
Additives None Artifical colours, sweeteners, and flavours
Blood Sugar Control 4g per day No
100% Canadian Made Yes No

*one serving of NutraStat provides the required 3g of beta-glucan to naturally lower cholesterol