Soluble fibre and barley beta-glucan have been proven to naturally suppress appetite.
NutraStat's main ingredient, beta-glucan soluble fibre, slows digestion and increases our satiation hormone (the feeling of being fuller longer),
which can be associated with weight loss.

How Fibre Helps Manage Weight

  • Reduces Sugar Intake

    Barley beta-glucan can help regulate
    blood sugar levels between meals. This can help reduce cravings for foods high
    in sugar and fat that often contribute to weight gain.

  • Increases Satiety

    Increasing your satiety can help decrease appetite and increase feelings of fullness, helping to limit cravings and decrease the overall amount of food you feel like consuming helping you maintain a calorie deficit.

  • Improved Gut Microbiome

    Barley beta-glucan acts like a prebiotic and increases the overall health of the bacteria in your gut. A healthy gut microbiome has been linked to improved weight management, along with many other health benefits like improved digestion.

63% of adults aged 18 and older are classified as overweight

Beta-Glucan and Weight

Soluble fibres, like barley beta-glucan, create a gel-like substance in the
intestines. This lining slows the digestion of carbohydrates and sugar,
resulting in a slower and more consistent absorption of sugar into your
bloodstream. A slower, more consistent digestion of glucose will help you avoid
the feeling of “sugar spikes” between meals, and will leave you feeling fuller
for longer, which may help you eat less throughout the day to control your

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Doctor Recommended

NutraStat is recommended by phenomenial physicians and doctors as a great option to improve your digestive health and increase daily fibre intake.

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