NutraStat Featured on Global News

Innovation has led to many advances in health and recently a new technology developed at the University of Alberta has allowed us to launch a line of beta-glucan supplements that have tremendous power to naturally lower cholesterol. As described in a recent segment on Global News Edmonton, Sunny Boy Foods has recently launched a concentrated barely beta-glucan fiber called NutraStat, which to many individuals should be their first step when it comes to lowering cholesterol.

Using non-GMO barley grown in Alberta and Saskatchewan, Sunny Boy Foods is using the new patented ACAPS technology to extract beta-glucans using air. This innovating and natural process is unique as it uses air, not water, chemicals and enzymes, to extract fiber. The result is a 100% natural soluble beta-glucan fiber which has been extensively proven and accepted by Health Canada and the FDA as a leading cholesterol lowering solution.

“Beta-glucans are the best fiber at lowering cholesterol” says food scientist (PhD) Nataly Lopez, an expert on beta-glucans, explains. Beta-glucans work to remove cholesterol from the blood stream by trapping bile acids and preventing their absorption into the liver. Instead, bile acids are removed from our body in our waste, forcing our body to create new bile acids from the cholesterol in our bloodstream. This simple and natural process decreases your LDL (bad) cholesterol.

High cholesterol continues to be a growing risk factor for heart disease and stroke, and beta-glucan from barley and oats are exclusively approved by Health Canada and the FDA to lower cholesterol levels. Beta-Glucan has also been proven to help regulate blood sugar levels and improve digestive functions in the body.

On our mission to help change the world and help people get more fiber into their diet, we’ve made some great progress since the day we created Cerabeta. “We saw the opportunity to capitalize on the fiber market and provide an option for Canadians to increase fiber in their diet” co-founder Grant Shapka remarks. One surprising fact is that Canadians only eat about half the amount of recommended daily fiber, and 40% have high blood cholesterol. In the USA, only about 5% of the population meets the recommended amount of daily fiber intake. Sunny Boy Foods’ newest fiber supplements, along with their beta-glucan cereals, seek to help individuals improve their heart health in a simple, sustainable way.


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